30+ Best Funny Bio for Facebook in 2022 | Fb Bio status

Best Bio for Facebook 2022

Hello Everyone Welcome to FbBioStatus.Com site. Nowadays Facebook has become our reliable communication medium. So we do various things to show ourselves with friends on Facebook.

The most important of these is the bio status on Facebook. Fb Bio is a common feature of Facebook which is just below our profile picture.  Many of us can't understand what to use in Fb bio ie funny and stylish Fb bio then we need it.

And to meet this need, I started writing today's topic with difficulty.  Today's Topic: Giving Total Ideas About Fb Bio and Sharing Best 30+ Funny Facebook Bios Saved  You can copy each Fb funny Bio and use it on your Facebook profile.

Best Funny Bio status for Facebook in English 

No matter how beautiful you are, you will always be your brother's wife

When the phone's net pack ends!  It is very fun to see the gallery pictures!

Dear_crush..... it's my left hand job to screw you,,,, but the problem is I🤣 am right handed.

Thin people are always polite, simple, sweet and nice hearted people!... Like me

Today, the poor say,,,, I have to run Facebook myself,,, If I were a big man, I would have kept a driver 😃

The real happiest girls in the world.
 Because they have no wife...!!!

Do you want everyone?
 I want one of you, no problem if you are senior.

No matter how good the quality of the mobile and the girl is,
 It will be hot if pressed.

I don't understand Bapu so many toys, why there are girls,
Like to play with boys' minds?

He is the happiest man 😊 in the earth....
Which has a charging point next to the bed.

Faith has risen that day.
Even after faking the exam, I am failing.

Marrying two families
Meaning of love 💓

What if you love?
He must get!
Let there be no love deficiency..

I ignored that day
That day you will tell yourself that I am not good without yoword;
I quarreled when I heard that love increases when quarreling!  Now the breakup is done!

As a child, I played a lot of husband and wife!
I had many wives now where are they?

I can do love too, the problem is I can't find a girl.

If, he would give Nobel for waking up at night.!  Then I would get it!

My hair is so educated that it keeps shedding all day.

As a child, I couldn't sleep thinking about how people got inside the TV.

Teach your child to understand and reject posts.

30+ Best Funny Bio for Facebook in 2022 | Fb Bio status

Best Funny Facebook Status in English 

Some more Bengali funny Facebook status for you.  Hope you will like these Bengali Funny Facebook Statuses.

I was falling in love 33 times in my life!  Every time I felt that I would not survive without him.

Girls who love wearing sarees for no reason are good wives.

I laugh so much when mom compliments me to someone.

No, brother, it's been a long time, this time I need to make love.

It is my mind to call Baal in words and think of myself as a great Baal specialist.

I'm black  If my wife is fair, will our baby be zebra colored?

Even the girl studying in class six is ​​not getting sleep at night these days because she is worried about which university will admit Babu!!

Sir: What is the English of the food after adding salt?  Student: Good afternoon.

No matter what else I do in life, I will never marry any girl who has done autopass.

I wanted to pay attention, but I didn't.  I slept with 300 rupees.

 last word

This was a funny Facebook status.  If you need more funny Facebook status then tell through comments.

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