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How are you all friends hope everyone is well. Welcome to our website FBBIOSTATUS. In today's blog I am giving you some best Facebook bio status that you can use in Facebook profile bio.

Best fb bio status
Fb bio status 

Since the title of today's post is 33 Best FB Bio Status for Facebook, today I am sharing with you some cool quotes that you can use as your Facebook caption or bio.

 I always try to write my own fb bio status and today is no exception, today I am going to write for you some cool quotes that will make your facebook profile more beautiful.

 We always try to share all the best facebook status caption bio on our site, if you are looking for quotes for status or looking for facebook status then here we share some best and selected facebook status for you.  If you want you can copy them and share them among your friends.  Great caption status quotes are shared on our site to share friendship love brotherhood.

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33+ the best bio status for you

 1. Why can the world say that the one I want wants me and the one who wants me I don't want?

 2. Follow the world but believe in yourself first Believe in yourself.
 3. Can follow but not imitate.

 4. There can be no other soul on earth that is greater than itself.

 5. Since you have come to the profile, have some tea and coffee.

 6. You will fall in love with what you see. 

 7. Neither girlfriend nor para I am independent. 

 8. Welcome to My Tabernacle Take a tour from below.

 9. Look into my eyes to see into my heart.

 10. The right destination can only be reached by effort Success lies on the other side of effort.

 11. My life is on my terms, you are welcome on your terms.

 12. I am very small in a crowd of thousands of people, but not rude, I am polite.

 13. Trust is actually being able to look into the eyes and talk.

 14. True love never ends, but falsehood fades away.

 15. Day by day the decent people are hiding, no one wants to pay them the right price.

 16. A beautiful Heart is valuable than a lot with.

 17. I could not cry like this.

 18. Harden your mind because a soft mind hurts more.

 19. The waves of the ocean never want to be calm, but the anger of those who have an ocean of love in their hearts.

 20. I have become the cause of my own harm just because I cannot control my anger.

 21. From childhood to adulthood, it is well learned what money is. Yes, money.

 22. Money is the name of some paper that covers all the sorrows and joys of life.

 23. Money is the name of some money that brutally teaches the reality of scarcity.

 24. When your people count your money and realize your needs, you will understand what money is.

 25. Money alone robs people of their simple life and gives them a life of greed.

 26. Children are pure like flowers because they have no greed for money.

 27. Human beings come to earth to spread love but inhumans to spread hate.

 28. People are increasing in the world but the lack of humanity is very visible.

 29. He who has righteous thoughts in his heart can never do wrong.

 30. If you want to be a good person first clean your own soul i.e. heart.

 31. A generous person is better than a rich greedy person.

 32. A beautiful minded person is better than a lot of wealth.

 33. If you have an honest and courageous belief in yourself, you will not be defeated.

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