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Quotes about avoiding for WhatsApp status. Today's post is made up of quotes and sayings about leaving. Human life is made of suffering. Many famous writers and people have made their famous sayings and quotes about life of hardship. Also attention for If you love your father, then from here You can check father and daughter status for WhatsApp

 Quotes About Leaving or avoiding for WhatsApp

 If you can forget, your memory

 I will never forget them.

 Love is not for a moment

 Love is for eternity.

 Love is not one but two hearts.

 Want to be happy?  Very simple

 Be selfish

 Will be very happy.

 The one in the cage

 Learn the meaning of love

 That cage is empty

 Didn't even bother to go.

 Paths are found at the boundaries of paths.

 On the balcony of my bleary eyes

 Long breath water.

 Time changes with life

 Life changes with relationships

 Time does not change with you

 Only you change with time.

 The feelings of love

 It is very strange.

 Sometimes hide in the middle of trouble

 Happiness can be found.

 Who beats in whose heart.

 Who melts with emotion.

 Whose eyes shed tears.

 Love is not unfair

 But in the name of love

 Acting is unfair.

 Those who go through life in love

 Gone are the ones who did well,

 Otherwise, every day is new

 The mind would die.

 Paths are found at the boundaries of paths.

 On the balcony of my bleary eyes

 long breath water,

 Captive in my hands

 Now only hundreds of memories.

 Touches the water, repeatedly in the eyes,

 Who will I be if you don't come back?

 Most of the world

 The weak point is the mind

 And the weakest

 Arms love.

 In the name of love

 Hit back

 Every drop in his eyes is a tear

 Slip your way

 Will do one day.

 If the feeling of mind

 That's right

 Then there is the relationship


 Happiness is the 1 app for everyone

 Does not install on Life.

 The wait is done,

 From anyone's mind


 Love someone from the heart once

 Behold the death of living without him

 Much harder than it seems.

 If you deceive someone

 Then don't worry he is stupid.

 That is all he will think of you

 Believed so

 You don't deserve it.


 Whomever they love

 May he get it!

 Why not Unfinished Love?

 Very muddy indeed.

 Many nights passed

 Don't talk to you.

 But there's no such night left,

 That I didn't think of you.

 That person is of other's feelings

 Don't know the price,

 He is never someone

 can't love.

 Despite having love

 Some relationships

 Misunderstanding is understanding

 Due to this, it is destroyed.

 Let him come and sit beside

 How disease comes

 Then let it be, the pain is effortless.

 Still let him come

 Know, the dearest disease!

 Love is such a bad habit

 Due to which people are happy for a moment

 All life is hard to get

 Don't hesitate to sign.

 Yes, I have changed

 In tune with the times

 Tearing the leaves of feeling

 I'm lost.

 Chameleons change color to protect themselves. And people change color to protect their interests.

 Your mind is bad at night

 When you see the sky alone.

 I am very close

 Call if you want.

Avoiding Quotes for WhatsApp status

Best Avoiding quotes for WhatsApp status in English 

 Everyone will hurt you, you just have to find someone whose pain you can bear.- Humayun Ahmed.

 Sorrow is a private song of man's life, heard by no one but himself.-Rudra Goswami.

 Those who are busy with themselves can never realize the suffering of others.- Redwan Masud.

 Everything can be defined in a certain definition, but suffering cannot be put in a certain category.  Because suffering is something that varies from person to person.- Redwan Masood.

 Every day I burn some desire. Every day I send some desire into exile. Love is so treacherous that the heart is broken by those who know it.- Jay Goswami.

 An insulted person does not forget an insult as easily as a wounded person forgets his pain.-George Lillo.

 There are some questions in life which can never be answered, some mistakes which cannot be corrected, and some hardships which cannot be told to anyone.- Humayun Ahmed.

 I kiss the feet of pain and say this is life, this is sweetness, this is the thread of happiness that has touched the sunil night! - Rudra Muhammad Shahidullah.

 Some feel sad, some laugh after realizing their own stupidity.-Samaresh Majumdar.

 For some people this world is not a suitable place, for them this world is like an ocean - Redwan Masud.

 Sad status to leave in English 

 Time changes with life, life changes with relationship, relationship changes with self, self changes with time.

 Does laughter always mean feelings of happiness?  Never, sometimes reveals how much pain you can hide.

 It is a foolish thought to always be important to everyone.  Sometimes you will be given as much importance as you need.

 No one will care about you unless you need it but everyone will avoid you.

 People move away easily but they leave their memories for us forever.

 Every heart has a pain...avoiding someone's is deep pain...

 Above I have shared some popular moving away quotes, moving away quotes, captions for you.  I will share quotes about something else in the future.  Until then stay well.  

 thank you.


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