Father and Daughter status for WhatsApp

50+ latest quotes about father and daughter Some status about dad on father's day. 

Father and Daughter status for WhatsApp

Today I am sharing some wonderful status about father's son, I hope you will like it.

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 Here are some quotes about father. You can say all these quotes about father on Father's Day.  Then father will be very happy with you.

 A father is the only person in the world who loves his children selflessly even with a hundred thoughts on his mind.  All the love of the world is defiled by the love of the Father.  

Many people have made many quotes about fathers to show how precious a father's love is.  Below are 50 famous father quotes and status from among them.

Quotes for status about father and son/ Daughter

 1. Father is that person, who has been and will be by your side in all situations of life.

 2. A father is a friend, on whom we can always depend.

 3. Father is like a neem tree.  Even though the leaves are bitter, the shade always cools.

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 4.Father is your first friend and the last love of your life.

 5. Baba means, the solution of a thousand problems in an instant.

 Famous quotes about father

 6. Father is the respected person, whose sweat we are unable to root.

 7. The greatest virtue of a father is- Pocket is empty but never disappoints the child.

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 8. A great blessing given by Father Allah, whose gratitude can never be expressed in words.

 9. Father life is like a mosquito coil.  It keeps the family safe by burning itself to ashes.

 10. You don't need Father's Day to love your father.  Father can be loved every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

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 11. Even though superheroes named Baba don't have any special powers, they are our real superheroes.

 12. He is our pride in a meaningless world.  Father is the first identity of a human existence.

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 13. No matter how much sadness comes, the shadow of sadness never falls on the children, it is the father.

 14. My greatest gift from God I call father.

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 15. A father is one who can suppress his will only for your will.

 Islamic quotes about father

 16. A father keeps encouraging his child until the child wins.

 17. Father is the poetic reflection of God's love.

 18. A successful father makes an even more successful child.

 19. Fathers are forever silent, their love speaks.  By giving up your own dreams, fulfill your child's hopes.

 20. A father's heart is an infinite space of nature.

 21. The father's shadow is bigger than the shadow of the late afternoon banyan tree.  He protects his child from all the heat of life.

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 22. Happiness can be bought in the market but father's love cannot be bought.

 23. As soon as the name Baba is uttered, a feeling of respect, gratitude and love arises in the heart of any child of any age.

 24. A father is a source of inspiration and self-restraint.

 25. A father is the anchor on which his children stand.

Quotes about father daughter 

 26. No one faces such harsh reality as those who do not have father's hand on their head.

 27. A father is someone who works tirelessly to bring smiles to the faces of his family throughout his life.  He sacrifices all his happiness.

 28.If you consider your father as your guru, you will learn the skills to fight all the adversities of life.

 29. Dads are the real superheroes.  They can overcome any obstacle to protect their child from danger.

 30. A father is like the roof of a house, which burns itself and always gives shade to the children, but never speaks openly.

 31. No matter how angry a father gets, he forgives every wrong of the child from the heart.

 32. A father is like the sun.  Even though it is hot, if he is not there, it gets dark all around.

 33. Father is the one who takes you before you read.  But instead of picking you up, removes the dirt from your clothes and asks you to try again.

 34. A father is your biggest fan.  Even when you hurt him.

 35. You may change but your father's love will never change.

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 36. How much a father contributes to his child, no one will ever be able to find out his hair-raising account.  I am not your father.

 37. Although father's anger appears to us as anger, but in reality it is father's love.

 38. I find strength in all dangers, when I remember that I have someone with me who will not leave my hand in any danger.  He is my father.

 39. Father is the courage, hope and faith of the family.

 40. No matter how heavy the burden, father never quarrels.  He never bows his shoulders to the burden of children's desires.

 41. The greatest warrior in the world is a father.  Who also teaches his children to be warriors.

 42. Father is not just a person, not just a name of a relation, father is embedded in a strange magical expression of greatness.

 43. Father is like a coconut.  Dad is tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.

 44. The only father in this world is a person who wants to see his son go ahead of himself.

 45. A father's love is forever imprinted in his child's heart.

 46. ​​Everyone in the world will love you.  There will be some need hidden in that love.  But one person will love you without need, that is father.

 47. A father lays himself in the sun to shade his family.

 48. A father sees his dreams in the eyes of his children, so he works in the hot sun to fulfill them.

 49. Every child knows about super heroes.  But our real super hero is our father.

 50. Father is such a wonderful person, who suffers for us all our life.  Hide all your feelings.  Fight the battle of life alone with all your desires.  So never hurt your father.

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