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Hello friends! Today's post is about the best quotes for status. Many loving lines Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp cool statuses are given here, which can be taken from here and shared or posted on Facebook bio, Instagram captions lines in English font.

Quotes for Status | Best Instagram caption lines 2022 | FbBioStatus

Loving lines quotes for status Stylish attitude caption.

 A powerful way to fight baldness.  easy way...

 Results are visible after 7 days

 Knows that the coffin may be alive until the bodies are closed.

Smart Facebook Status Lines in English

 A brother asked - if someone tries to pull someone's lungi without understanding and then returns home naked and cries, what is said to him in one word - the word that came out of my mouth in reply - is "fool".

 It is a kind of mental stupidity to think that any unexpected event happens in life - it is the result of past sins.

 There are some people who come to repay the debt and end up in debt!!

 Even those who are ungrateful sometimes express gratitude – but their language of gratitude makes the benefactor ungrateful.

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 There is no credit in mocking someone's faith!! Rather it is your own weakness!!

 Sleep or stay awake, the night does not wait.

Facebook, Instagram caption lines quotes for status:

 He who hides himself while trying to hide his weakness is a coward.

 Some people are so bad and so low that when they see them they call dustbin worms - thank God for not creating me as a human being like you.

 The bad people of the world can pretend to be good people so perfectly that it hides the real good people from view.

 When excitement crosses the border it turns into madness!!

 The days that pass away - Even if those days are faded or formless, we give them a shape by wrapping them in black and white or colorful malas.  Then I talk about it - Oh, what a beautiful day I used to spend.

 The golden footprints of the passerby are mixed in the bones of the chest of the road.

 If a person gives you an opportunity to compromise with him - then it is better to use the opportunity.  Because if you don't use it, that person will one day abuse you.  So it seems reasonable to listen to itar abuse without doing itraami rather than hearing itar abuse.

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 All people do not rot after death, some die after rotting.

 In fact, we don't usually notice how much life changes - and when we notice, a nastical feeling of change starts working in us.  And think how everyone and everything has changed.

 Status for social media caption in English font

 There is more joy in finding a lost thing than in finding a new thing.

 We don't count the time we spend on the time we lose.

 Asking someone who knowingly makes a mistake to correct it is an even bigger mistake.

 Lately, I am afraid to ask for something because if I don't get it or if the person I ask for returns it, I calm myself down by thinking that I have found it.

 Only the lucky people of the world can afford the luxury of suffering.

 If someone doesn't love then it hurts.  It hurts more if someone forgets

 Forgetting and changing are two very difficult tasks and some people do these two tasks very easily.

 After every loss there is a win.  I leave behind that win after I lose.

 Facebook Status Collection:

 February or Falgun is not the issue – the issue is that Salam Barkatra gave his life for Bengali language.

 Being a good person is not necessary to be religious

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 Due to nature, most people fall short.

 It is more difficult to leave once than the joy of returning again and again.

 Love means waiting with pride.

 Despair brings people's fortunes down from the forehead to the palm of the hand.

 I heard that the wall also has ears. After a few days, I will hear that the wall is another species of man.

 Snakes become poisonous after falling in love.  Before that he was poisonless.

Best quotes Status in English font:

 Whenever I want to be alone or whatever, the loneliness of Kapalpura remains with me. Therefore, feeling alone will not happen again in this life.

 "Education is the secret of character formation. Because the backbone of education is character".

Ending here for today if you like the quotes then you can use it in your Instagram or Facebook caption.  Stay tuned for more awesome status like this. Thanks everyone.


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