WhatsApp Status lines About Life 2022

There are lines about life through which we express our feelings. So today's topic is sharing some WhatsApp status lines related to life 2022 in English. 

WhatsApp Status lines About Life 2022
WhatsApp Status lines About Life

You can use these WhatsApp statuses to prove your attitude, for this you can copy the small WhatsApp statuses from below and share them on your profile. 

I shared with you some true lines on the way of life through WhatsApp status. Every line of quote is related to our life we ​​can use facebook whatsapp instagram if we want.

Top 20 WhatsApp quotes line for you

1. Life wants to run on its own terms but it has to run on the right time.

 2. Time and water do not stand still but life sometimes stops for a while.

 3. There will be thousands of obstacles in the way of life, they must be overcome and then come out.

 4. Every line penned seeks to prove the purpose of life.

 5. If you want to succeed in life, you have to struggle to succeed.

 6. Laziness makes our life easier then defeats us.

 7. Only walking the easy path is a form of failure because only the hard path leads to success.

 8. Pure love comes only from family.

 9. A known enemy is better than a stranger.

 10. Love life in such a way as to have peace of mind.

 11. Life and time are very precious so these two things should be valued.

 12. Everyone has to leave the world so it is better to leave something good in the world.

 13. If you believe that there is no such thing as defeat in life then you will surely win so learn from defeat and come back home victorious.

 14. Being the first and last self in life No one can be more self than our parents.

 15. People are loved most in life by their own family.

 16. Human beings have come to the world to give exams, so always try to get good results, the final reckoning will be taken by the creator.

 17. Whatever you do in life never harm people.

 18. Pride is the cause of harm to one's own life and to the lives of others.

 19. Immaculate people are like blossoming flowers that attract others with their fragrance.

 20. Love makes people happy so learn to love everyone.

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